May 21, 2009

nursery re-org

We've been contemplating replacing the giant overstuffed chair and ottoman in the nursery with a glider, but they can be crazy expensive and I haven't been able to find a used one that I liked at a good enough price to convince me to make the switch. At least not until yesterday, when I visited local kid's consignment shop Again & a Gain and found this simple beauty for just $60.

The upholstery is a little faded, and it's not my favorite shade (dark green), but it's in fine shape and it does the job. I could easily make new covers for the cushions, and I may do that depending on how motivated I'm feeling in the next few weeks and if I can find a fabric that I love.

The chair in the corner will make a perfect place for nursing and rocking the little one. I have all the nursing and pumping gear and a stash of burp cloths right at hand so I can settle in and relax with Junior. There's also a reading lamp and room for a glass of water so I can stay hydrated while the little monkey dines.

Taking the old giant chair out of the room really opened up a lot of space, so I'm really happy that we made the swap. And of course, since one change begets another, I spent the morning rearranging the rest of the room in a whole new configuration. I moved the changing table/dresser station into the corner where the old chair once was, and the new glider to the corner formerly housing the little bookshelf. That meant that the bookshelf had to go where the changing table once stood, and ta-da! Suddenly everything fell into place.

The changing table had been taking up too much room in the area right inside the door, preventing it from opening all the way and just making everything feel crowded. With it moved into the corner, there's much more room for organizing diapers and keeping everything within reach but still tucked away neatly.

Also now on prominent display is the new quilt that was handmade for us by the talented lady who gave birth to Gus so many years ago. She chose the perfect colors to complement the room, and of course it features happy little monkeys too! It's just beautiful and it really makes me want to try quilting myself at some point.

The nursery has really turned into a cute and cheerful place, and so far it seems that there's a place for everything, which makes me really happy. It also kind of makes me want a creamsicle, but I don't think that can be helped. More photos here if you haven't gotten your fill.