May 12, 2009

the worst best news ever.

I got an email a couple of days ago that just about broke my heart.

My favorite band is touring this summer, and no, they're not skipping a stop here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Yeah, that's right, they're NOT skipping us. They're going to be at what might be my favorite outdoor venue playing what sounds like an amazing show with a bunch of other amazing musicians.

For demystification purposes, the formula is as follows: Counting Crows + Augustana + Michael Franti & Spearhead + Marymoor Park = crying a little on the inside.

So what's the catch? Why on earth would great news like this break my heart?

July 19th. That's why.




I guess it could be worse. It suppose it could be ten days after our due date, but seriously. I'm going to be as big as a house and primed to pop at any moment. There's assigned seating, which is nice, but will I fit in the seat? I've been to enough concerts to know that they pack those rows pretty close, not just in the elbow-to-elbow department, but you're lucky to get three inches between your knees and the back of the guy in front of you too. I have visions of the person next to me needing to get out to go pee and having to detour over the back of their seat because they're unable to get past the giant belly sitting next to them.

When we went to shows at Marymoor last summer, we just found a nice piece of grass about ten feet off the stage and made ourselves comfy. The bands we saw were smaller, and they didn't have assigned seating. We were able to enjoy practically a front-row view from a comfortable distance away with our little flat lawn-chair/towel hybrid things and a beer. Sounds great, but I'm not entirely sure that spending a couple of hours sitting on the ground is going to be more preferable to my massive pregnant body than a tiny chair will be.

But I just can't miss this show. Here's what Adam has to say about it in his blog:

This summer's tour is NOT going to be your usual opening band, set change, middle band, set change, headline band, go home. There's just gonna be 1 set and we're all just kinda gonna be 1 band.  It's going to be called:

"The Saturday Night Rebel Rocker Traveling Circus & Medicine Show"
I mean it when I say there isn't going to be any opening band. We're going to start EVERY show with EVERYONE onstage playing together. I'm not sure what's going to happen next but I think we‘ll probably play a set on our own after that so we'll actually be the opening band in a way, although guys from the other bands will probably be bouncing on & offstage helping out on different songs like the guys from Augustana did last Summer. I want to do all sorts of duets and trios and quartets of guys from all the bands on songs after that and throughout the show. Then maybe Augustana will play a bit by themselves with some more mash-ups after that and maybe we'll close the 1st Act of the show with a Spearhead set, but one in which we all eventually join them so that the Act ends with all of us playing something together. I don't know what that'll be, and I wouldn't tell you if I did, but I know there's a Spearhead song I REALLY want to sing on and that might be the perfect Act 1 closer.
Then there's probably going to be an intermission.
Can you tell we're still in the "winging it/what-the-fuck-are-we-going-to-do" stage of the planning process? 
Well, it ain't really any different from every other Counting Crows show for the past 18 years.
Then we're all going to come back on stage and do it again. Sort of. Hell, I don't know. What I DO know is that, no matter which band you come to see, you're not going to see less of them than you want. NOBODY is getting ripped off this summer. We're all going to be on and off the stage all night. You'll get more Counting Crows than you have in the past and you're also going to get lots of us playing with our friends in the other bands.

So yeah- see you there! I'll be the one in the muu-muu a few rows back singing along to all my favorites while enjoying a beer-with-a-k and poking some poor Counting Crows fan in the back with my popped belly button. Should be fun!