June 11, 2009

34 week belly- bonus edition!

Here's Lincoln's baby-house at the start of the 34th week. He's filling that space from top to bottom at this point. I can tell, because I can feel his every gigantic sweeping movement. He's a very active baby and sometimes I just wish he would take a little nap and quit jabbing me already!

It is nice that he moves around so much though, as I never have to worry about how he's doing, and I haven't even had to bother with fetal movement counts. Ten movements in a short period of time twice a day is nothing for this little man. He's all over the place.

And, because I know you've been dying to see, here's an extreme close-up of my poor, mangled belly button. Thanks to the fact that it was so cavernous to begin with, I haven't ended up with an outie like a lot of pregnant women do. It has, however, started poking out at the top edge so it kind of looks like a third nipple unless my shirt or a belly band is applying enough pressure to keep it contained.

If you look closely underneath my belly button, you can see a faint shadowey line that starts in the middle (like where my jeans button) and slants slightly to the left in the photo. That is a faint linea negra that I actually thought was an indentation caused by the seam on my underwear for the first few weeks that it was there. It wasn't until I took the time to note that there was no seam to speak of that I began to suspect that it might be something else.

Pregnancy is not a high-point for mental aptitude, in case you haven't picked up on that already.

The red spots above my belly button are the remnants from a belly-button piercing from back in my younger and wilder days, and the red scar on the right of the photo is from my birthday appendectomy in 2007.

Also worth noting: the little pregnancy countdown tracker thing that I have embedded in the blog also lives on my iGoogle page, and I was pretty shocked this morning to see that it says "48 Days to Go!" Holy shit. Really? Just 48 days? That doesn't seem like very long at all. We're going to have a baby living in our house before we know it.

Can't wait to meet you, Lincoln!