June 3, 2009

college flashback

No, we didn't spend last night drinking from a beer bong and wake up on the neighbor's front lawn- but we did relive a little bit of our college experience in a more future-parent-appropriate way. 

We spent the evening at a lecture. In an auditorium with those tiny fold up desks attached to the chairs and a speaker with a Power Point presentation and everything.

Through our childbirth class, we learned that local parent educator Elizabeth Pantley was going to be participating in Swedish Hospital's new Birthways Lecture Series speaking about her book and method The No-Cry Sleep Solution. We figured that before Lincoln arrives would be a good time to attend such a lecture, as we'll probably be too sleep-deprived to listen once he shows up. (Our theory was proven correct by the lady seated in front of us who dozed off a few minutes in to the presentation!)

I think we got some good information from attending the event, and consider all these bits of knowledge to be just one additional tool that we'll have at our disposal when the time comes. The solutions that the book suggests are mostly designed for the time after the early newborn phase, so we'll revisit the topic later once the little man arrives and we have a chance to try out the system.