June 8, 2009

custom goodies!

As you can probably tell, I love making stuff. I'm not particular about what it is, and I love to try new skills and make all different things. That's why I love it when someone asks me to make them something that I've never made before. It's the perfect opportunity to experiment without feeling guilty about making yet another thing for myself!

So I was super excited when I recently got a request for a Kitchenaid mixer cover and a bread bag from a dear friend and fellow baking enthusiast. She emailed me photos of some Heather Bailey fabrics that she liked and I got to work.

Since I have a cover for my own Kitchenaid, I had a great technical starting point for the design. I knew that hers should be way cuter than my utilitarian version, however, and I felt a little like the frumpy girl in the corner once I realized how ugly mine really was in comparison! Why didn't I think of this?

I'm thrilled with the end result, and I hope she is too! If she's not though, I'm totally fine with using it in my own kitchen, so maybe I should hope she hates it...

And I am definitely going to be making myself some of these bread bags very soon. They're all over the blogosphere and I had actually bookmarked one a while ago in my "inspiration" folder. That folder is chock-full of things that I really want to make, but usually just can't justify taking the time to do for purely selfish reasons. Again, the custom request comes through and provided me with the guilt-free opportunity to indulge myself! Thanks Dizzle!

And be sure to keep an eye on the Etsy shop for future incarnations of both of these designs!