June 10, 2009

defying all logic and expectations

We had a visit with another one of our wonderful midwives today, in an effort to meet her before she goes on vacation for the entire month of July, just in case Lincoln decides to stay inside until August when she returns.

Today we learned that my belly is truly full of surprises, and we were relieved and happy to hear that the midwife found it amusing, not alarming, so I guess we're still good.

See, somehow in the month since my last visit, I've managed to lose a pound. This is the second time that I've lost one pound between visits (not consecutively), but I can't for the life of me explain how. I'm eating good, healthy food in sufficient quantity, and I'm getting around 70 grams of protein a day. My belly (among other things) is clearly expanding, so it's all just kind of strange.

Even stranger is the fact that my uterus is continuing to measure BIG for my gestational stage. Today I measured between 36-37 cm, while it would be expected that I would measure about 33. I've consistently measured one centimeter on the larger side, but this time was a pretty big jump from what they expected. If I'm still measuring this much larger at my next appointment, they may request an ultrasound to make sure Baby isn't heading into freakishly-large territory and that I have the regular amount of amniotic fluid and all that.

My explanation for this anomaly is that Lincoln is actually slowly devouring me from the inside out, and once I give birth I'll just be a hollow sack of skin and bones. My previously plump and meaty frame will have been completely replaced by my giant baby, who will set a record for size and fascinate all those who come to visit after he bursts out of my body through the opening he tears in my stomach as if he is ripping off a muscle shirt.

It's going to be quite a sight. If you're in the area at the end of July, I suggest that you plan to stop by.