June 23, 2009

happy first father's day!

I thought I would show off the Father's Day gift I got/made for Gus. He's been talking about buying cigars to pass out to his friends once Junior arrives- you know like they did back when men wore hats everywhere and paced in the waiting room of the hospital while their child came into the world? Yeah, like that.

While we were on our "weddingmoon" in New Orleans, we wandered into the Cigar Factory and watched these amazingly talented artisans hand-rolling cigars for a few minutes. Gus bought a sampler pack to bring home to mark the occasion, because cigars seem to make a good celebratory event in themselves, when you save them and share them with a good friend. I'm sure that those cigars were enjoyed in a moment of manly companionship at some point on our deck.

So anyway, Gus couldn't decide if he wanted to do it or not (big, frivolous expense, etc...) but I thought that whether or not we planned on buying a bunch of cigars to pass out to his buddies, my hubby needed a couple to mark this special occasion. I ordered a selection from the Cigar Factory purely for sentimental purposes and set to work making them into a custom Father's Day gift.

I originally planned to make a custom seal in Illustrator to replace the bands on the cigars with Lincoln's own trademark design, but then I remembered that I don't know how to make anything in Illustrator, so I just used scrapbook paper and some ribbon and other crafty bits to do the job.

Gus was excited to see them and maybe even a little touched that they came from NOLA- so I think I did a good job. One Father's Day down, dozens to go!