June 8, 2009

maternity skirt refashion

Now that the weather is pretty much reliably beautiful and my belly is getting more giant every day, it's nice to be able to slip into a comfy skirt instead of jeans. Unfortunately, I only have a couple that I can wear at this point, so I decided it was time to do a little refashioning to expand my wardrobe.

I had this fitted a-line skirt that I purchased last summer to take on our honeymoon in hotter-than-Hades New Orleans. It's a gauzy embroidered white material with a silky lining and it's great for hot weather. I love it except for the fact that I got it on sale at a price I couldn't pass up and bought it despite that it was always a little too snug in the waist and way too long. I wore it once on the trip and I don't think it's been out of the closet since.

I also happened to have a hand-me-down stretchy belly band in light blue, which I haven't worn because I usually just wear a white or black one. I decided it would make a perfect component for the new skirt project.

I slipped the skirt on (unzipped of course) and marked with an erasable pen under my giant belly where the new stretchy top should be attached. I carefully stitched the band to the skirt along that line, stretching the band as I went along. Once they were sewn together, I chopped off the top of the skirt (about 6 inches, including the entire zipper) and zig-zagged the raw edges of all of the layers together.

Now it's like a whole new skirt and I can actually breathe when I have it on! Perfect for summer, and well worth the sacrifice since it wasn't a perfect pre-baby skirt anyway. I have a feeling that there will be more refashioning like this to come. Maybe next time I'll try it this way like this one that's been lurking in my inspiration folder for months.