June 4, 2009

of course it was necessary!

So yesterday I woke up when Hubs left for work and I couldn't get back to sleep. Something was bugging me but I wasn't sure what.

Then I realized- I must need to spend the day moving all of our bedroom furniture around for no particular reason! That would certainly make me feel better!

So that's what I did. Right after I drew up some scale models of our room and all our furniture so I could decide on placement.

Here's the way our room was laid out prior to my insanity:

And here's the layout now:

This is not an unusual thing for me to decide to do on a whim, and I wouldn't even say it's "nesting" related. I remember spending hours arranging and rearranging my bedroom furniture when I was a kid. And I would never let anyone help me, I just slid the furniture around and played with the layout until I was satisfied. I think I just need to change things up once in a while in order to keep my sanity.

In other news, it looks like the DIY topsy turvy might be working after all!

Here's a photo that I took this morning. The fuschias are starting to bloom, and the squash has really been loving the last couple of hot days. It wasn't nearly this big the last time I looked.

In case you need a comparison, here's how it looked right after we planted it on May 20.

Good news for those who want to try to grow veggies in a small space! Looks like you needn't clutter up your life with an icky green plastic planting contraption after all.