July 9, 2009

38 weeks

Today is the beginning of the 38th week! Just 20 days until the "official" estimated due date of the little monkey.

Not looking much different than we did last week, but at the appointment we once again measured a little big. Not out of the ordinary though, so all is well. And we're now in safe home birth territory, so we've issued a nice sigh of relief and can relax until week 42 ends, when we're back to having to go to the hospital regardless of what happens.

The "practice" Braxton-Hicks contractions have been happening more frequently as my body starts to prepare for the epic adventure ahead. Although my belly is always tightly stretched, sometimes I can really feel the muscles working and can tell that it's not just the normal tension in there but a contraction is taking place. Weird stuff- I must say.

Presumably, Junior should be dropping any time now too- getting engaged in my pelvis in preparation for birth. They say engagement happens any time between two and four weeks before birth for a first-time mother, so I'm waiting! There may be a noticeable change to my profile when that happens, or maybe we won't really be able to tell. We'll just have to wait and see.