July 16, 2009

39 weeks

As you can see, not much change this week either. And still no dropping, despite my long daily walks to encourage opening of the pelvis.

That's most likely because at the appointment this week the midwives found that Junior's head was sitting a bit sideways, so I've been prescribed lots of pelvic rocking, belly-dance type hip swaying, and squatting to get him aligned in there more appropriately. Hopefully all that action, combined with Gus's fatherly advice to "get your head right, son" will pay off over the next week or so and we'll see some descent.

I also learned this week that my test for Group B Strep came back positive, as it apparently does in about 30% of women. That means that I'll have to receive an IV antibiotic at the onset of labor to ensure that the baby isn't born through an active colony of the bacteria, which would put him at risk for meningitis and other nasty troubles.

It's really not that big of an issue, just a ten minute drip of meds, but it could lead to more of a hassle if things don't progress in a timely fashion on labor day. The effectiveness of the drug is such that it needs to be re-administered after eight hours if birth hasn't happened yet, so there's a potential if things go particularly long and the midwives leave to get some rest, that they'll have to return every eight hours to give me a new dose. That makes things slightly less convenient, especially if we're talking about the middle of the night. We'll just have to wait and see how it impacts things, if it does.