July 23, 2009

40 weeks

Okay, this is it! The (potentially) final week of pregnancy is upon us. I'm ready whenever you are, little man. Let's get this show on the road!

At my visit this week, the midwife confirmed that everything is squared up and all looks well positionally for delivery. He still hasn't made that final little descent into my pelvis yet, but I'm still walking and rocking things around at every opportunity in hopes that I can help that.

I'm also trying to prepare myself mentally for the fact that this could go well into August despite my wishes otherwise. I keep reminding myself that one of the reasons that we decided to switch to the midwifery model of care was because we wanted to allow nature to take its course. I know that I won't be pregnant forever, and I may have to just accept that it may be longer than is particularly comfortable for me.

See, Lincoln? I'm trying to be the bigger person here. I want what's best for YOU. Now do mommy a favor and pack your things. It's time to move out already!