July 2, 2009

the final countdown!

Holy. The baby house seems to be making a last-ditch effort to grow as enormous as possible before it's too late. As Zena pointed out last week in the comments, there's been a sudden burst of growth and I imagine that the next few weeks are going to show similar rapid expansion. For that reason, and also because we're finally getting close enough that I could (in theory) go at any time, I've decided to make the belly documentation weekly for the duration.

This week also marks an exciting turning point in the pregnancy, as the successful conclusion of week 37 will mean that I'm officially full-term and it will be legal to birth at home attended by our midwife. Seven days to go! The heat is on.

Although I have no reason to believe that I would go into premature labor, I can't imagine how crappy it would be to have made it this far just to miss our goal by a few days! So for now, the fingers (and legs) are going to stay crossed and Baby better keep himself situated comfortably inside if he knows what's good for him!

Coincidentally, we're headed out of town this weekend to attend a wedding shower in Oregon, so there's one more inspiration to stay pregnant for a bit longer. Of course, Gus's boss decided that these conditions merit the perfect storm for our first birth, so he's placed his money on the bet that I'll go into labor while we're away. He also predicted it would happen in the middle of the craziness at the Solstice day parade, however, and we all know how that turned out. He's apparently just hoping that we'll have an interesting story to tell.

Not surprisingly, all that belly is making life a bit complicated for me lately. Sitting (in just about any position) pretty much sucks, as does sleeping. Fortunately, I'm still only sleeping in stretches of about two hours, which gives me ample opportunity to pee and readjust my position frequently, so I guess at least there's that.

The belly is also providing a portable heat source for me, which would be awesome if it was November or I was trying to survive in the Arctic tundra for a few days. Sadly, it's July and it's been hot as hell, so I'm just sad and sweaty.