July 1, 2009

knit shirt refashion

A little while ago, I was gifted a huge bag of clothes from a friend that was doing some spring cleaning and thought I might be able to use some fresh looks for my growing shape. She warned me that many of the items are sweaters and "career" type wear, that just aren't ideal for the heat right now (or my lack of career), but correctly assumed that I would still want the stash for the fabric if nothing else.

Today I was moving the bag and decided to dive back in for another look. I pulled out a brown lightweight knit sweater that looks a lot like something I would buy. I slipped it on and decided that it had potential, it just needed a little tweaking to be something that I could comfortably wear for the next few weeks at least.

Here's what it looked like before I took my scissors and sewing machine to it:

As you can see, the arms were a little bit long (!) and it was kind of loose, especially around the bust/armhole area.

I fixed those problems by chopping the arms off and reattaching a section of the original cuff. I also took it in about an inch on each side, starting about half way up my new sleeve all following the seam all the way down to the hem. That snugged it up through the bust a bit and took care of some of the extra width in the back.

It's nice and cozy, and now much better for the season. Hooray for hand-me-downs! Thanks Margo!