July 20, 2009

missed opportunities

We had an eventful weekend, but I can't help but be a little bummed that I didn't go into labor at any of these prime locations:
  • The High Dive in Fremont, where we attended what will possibly be our last rock show for a while. We went to see the Republic, and they were great as always. I did feel a little awkward and uncomfortable being so immensely pregnant surrounded by all the club kids and scantily-clad sorority girls, but hopefully if nothing else I served as a warning to them. Remember kids- always wear protection!
  • On a boat in the middle of Lake Washington, where we spent the morning fishing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Gus caught the only fish, a tiny little perch. I attended to my line periodically, but mostly just hung out soaking up my vitamin D.

  • At White Center Jubilee Days, which we cruised through after our childbirth class on Sunday simply because it was around the corner from the ice cream parlor we went to. It was the most pathetic little attempt at a festival that we have ever encountered. A pregnant woman's water breaking or an emergency labor on the sidewalk would have seriously upped the entertainment factor by so much they probably would have had to hire us to come back next year. Sorry Rat City!
We're definitely in count-down mode now, and Gus is really hoping that things will get going a week early, making this Wednesday the big day. I'm doing what I can to fulfill his dream, but my influence is unfortunately rather limited. If it wasn't, this would all be done by now and I'd be relishing a nice nap on my belly!