July 30, 2009

no news

Well, our "due date" is officially behind us, and Lincoln is still lodged stubbornly inside of me. I had an appointment with a chiropractor yesterday, as I've heard that an adjustment can be the magic bullet to get baby to engage and get the show on the road, but all it did was make me sore and grumpy. Granted, it could have been also been the record-setting heat that was making me grumpy, but whatever.

Gus rigged up an air conditioner from a cooler, a box fan, some copper pipe, some hope and a dream, and it works okay. It's only 80 upstairs so far today, down from a high of 91 last night. Although I'm dying to get the little guy out, I guess I'm glad I wasn't laboring in the intense heat of the day yesterday in a hot birthing tub. That might have been a little more misery than I was looking for.

We'll keep you updated when he decides to make his appearance. Any time now, buddy.