July 24, 2009

oh, the irony!

As you likely know, I've been unemployed since the middle of January when the business that I was managing was closed down. I've been job-hunting since then with varying degrees of intensity, and with mostly no success. Yesterday, while perusing Craigslist for my weekly due-diligence, I spotted a post that claimed to be a "great opportunity for a stay-at-home mom" and I decided to go ahead and shoot them my resume.

Typically, the response I get to my (honestly quite generic) email is one of two things:

1) The no-response response, in which my resume is filtered into the black hole of the recipient's inbox, never to be viewed or acted upon in any manner.
2) The "thank you for your interest but we have received 4o million replies to our ad, so please understand if we never contact you again" response.

I've gotten quite used to being ignored in this manner, so I was understandably surprised to see a message in my inbox today from the owner of the company with the "great opportunity for a stay-at-home mom" job requesting a meeting for an interview. Naturally, she inquired about my availability next week so we could set up a time to meet. Of course. Why not? It makes perfect sense that I should spend six months applying for jobs and be offered only 1.5 interviews in that time span only to be offered one literally days before I'm about to give birth.

I figured that I too, had a couple of options in this situation. I could:

1) Ignore her message- just pretend it was lost in the digital shuffle as so many of my resumes have been.
2) Reply and tell her "sure, I would love to come in for an interview" and make no mention of the fact that there was a slim chance that my water could break on her Jimmy Choos mid-interview.
3) Reply and tell her "yes, I would love to interview for the job, but there's a little detail that you should know first that may not have been quite clear from my resume..."

Obviously, I chose three, and it was the most awkward, bumbling email that I think I have ever written in my life. We'll see if I end up in the black hole this time around, or if she's a gentle enough person to let me down with a civil reply.