July 22, 2009

timing is everything

Yesterday I finished up what will likely be our final home improvement project for quite some time. For some reason there was no exhaust fan ever installed in our bathroom upstairs, so of course we decided to take it upon ourselves in the 38th week of pregnancy to remedy that.

Although we were questioning our intelligence around the time that we were sawing the fifth hole in the drywall, it ended up being a relatively smooth sailing project as those things go, and it only took us nine days working on it just a little bit most evenings after work.

Luckily, Gus had some assistance courtesy of our friends at the Rogue, 'cause everyone knows that power tools and malt liquor are ideal mates.

I mostly just hung out and took pictures and occasionally offered brilliant nuggets of advice or a different drill bit or screwdriver. Although somehow it also ended up being my job to vaccuum up all the dust and deep clean the bathroom at the end, but I guess that must be fair, since all I'm doing otherwise is getting fat and protecting our unborn child 24/7.

I think we're both a little bit surprised that everything went as well as it did, as we're accustomed to our projects being a little bit more... trying? This time there was really no major hang-up, and at no point did Gus have even a minor cursing fit or feel compelled to throw anything!

And now we have a fan. With a timer and everything! No more foggy mirrors or mildew-ey ceiling! Lincoln will be lucky to have such talented (and foolishly ambitious) parents.

If he ever shows up.