July 13, 2009

wanted: one chubby tummy

I can't wait to see my latest finished project in use. I've been wanting to make up the Thrifty Knitter's Pebble Vest since I first saw how precious it looked on SouleMama's little man Harper.

This is my first time knitting a project like this- I've made hats and scarves and handbags, but no actual clothing with the shaping and the decreases and all that, and I was surprised at how easily and quickly it came together. Granted, it's a tiny little thing, but still. And I was a little worried about buttonholes, but they're also super easy and nothing to be afraid of. I love this little vest and I think it will look so cute with a fat little baby buttoned into it!

Once we determine just how big the little guy is, I'll have a better idea of how big he might be when knits will actually be appropriate for the weather, and maybe I'll make more. There's something so sweet about a little baby in a hand-knit sweater, isn't there?