August 4, 2009

one step forward!

We're officially getting somewhere with this whole pregnancy thing!

At my appointment today our midwife confirmed that my cervix is softening and I'm at least 50% effaced. I was also dilated enough that she was able to feel Baby's head and determined that he's at a -2 station, so he's dropped more than we thought. I had her sweep my membranes in the hopes that we can get the party started sooner than later. We'll see if that proves to be effective or not.

We're up against a new timeline now, as we are only "allowed" to have the baby at home with the midwives in attendance up to the 42 week mark. That's next Wednesday, so we've got a little over a week to see serious action! At this point, I refuse to accept that we will go that long, but we discussed the plan-b today just in case it does come to that.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the signs all point toward a baby in our very near future. And if he arrives tomorrow, he'll be a very special one-year anniversary gift! Cross your fingers.