August 31, 2009

rollin' solo

Gus went back to work today after a lovely (and way too short) three week vacation. That meant that it was just me and the little one today- and the potential for chaos was high! Fortunately, we did just fine, thanks mostly to the fact that Lincoln is still sleeping the majority of the day.

I had my doubts this morning about how things would go when I woke up to a nice wet spot in the bed where monkey's diaper had leaked, but I was reassured after I successfully managed to take a shower without so much as a peep from the boy as he waited in his bouncy chair on the bath mat for me to finish.

So by 10 am the score was tied 1-1, but then I snuck in a bowl of cereal for breakfast (1-2) just in time to find that Lincoln had soaked through his freshly changed outfit (2-2)! We went back and forth for a while in this way, with each little accomplishment I managed giving me the burst I needed to shake off the next thing he tried to throw my way. Spit up on my arm? No problem! I've done two loads of laundry already! And mailed a bill! And delivered a thank-you note to the neighbor! It might not seem like much, but I feel like a superhero.

The precious little man is currently napping (again), and we've got just over an hour before we need to leave to pick up Daddy from his first day back to the grind. I think I'm counting this one as a success.