August 29, 2009

rough night!

Last night made me realize just how great we've had it since our little bundle arrived on the scene almost three weeks ago.

Since our first night, Lincoln has slept on or very near me, and that has made our nighttime parenting fairly easy. He wakes up hungry, I position him on a breast, and we both fall right back asleep. Once or twice per night, I'll change his diaper in an attempt to get him to wake up just a bit to eat longer, or if he's getting fussy and I think that might be why. Overall, it's been pretty painless and we haven't lost too much sleep.

But then- last night something switched. Our sweet easy-to-placate boy turned into a little monster sometime around 4 am. He decided that he wasn't going to fall back asleep after his meal this time, and he would prefer to cry instead. I tried all my usual tricks: changed his diaper, switched breasts, changed positions, walked around, but nothing helped.

Gus could get him to calm down by walking and bouncing him around, but as soon as he tried to lay him back down again, the crying would start back up. We managed to sneak in another couple of bits of sleep between 4 and 10, but it was by far the most disrupted night we've had. I realize that we're really lucky that it's been this easy so far, and I hope that last night was not an indication of a great change in the works.

I suspect that maybe the three-week growth spurt may be to blame, or maybe it was just one of "those nights" that I'm sure will pop up from time to time. Whatever it was, I'm tired today! Think I'm going to take a little nap.