August 10, 2009

three days

Well, we've got three days left for Lincoln to arrive in the comfort of our home before we are required to move our operation to the hospital. Every day, we think: "okay, this must be the day, right?!" and then nothing.

Yesterday was especially promising because I started having contractions at 2pm that were coming every five to ten minutes and lasting a minute, but by 11 o'clock or so they petered out. I was able to sleep through the night (well, with normal pee-breaks every couple of hours) and this morning things aren't any more exciting.

On Friday we had a non-stress test to make sure that Baby is still responding well to life in the womb and that he will be able to handle labor. He passed with flying colors, kicking and flopping around and displaying his fantastic heart rate- assuring everyone that he's a perfectly happy camper in there.

This morning we have an ultrasound to check the level of amniotic fluid and the condition of the placenta, to make sure that I'm still providing a hospitable environment for him for the time being. They assure me that this ultrasound will be much shorter than the last, and I really hope that's the case so we can avoid that unpleasant near-faint that I experienced last time.

The midwife assures me that he isn't going to be in there forever, despite appearances! All the contractions yesterday are a great sign that things are progressing and we should be parents before our time expires on the home birth plan. Hopefully the ultrasound and today's visit will yield promising results, and we'll just come back home and have ourselves a baby!

We'll keep you updated as there is more to share.