September 2, 2009

the Fit is go!

Since we've had our small yet surprisingly roomy car, we've used it to haul all manner of slightly inappropriate and over-sized things home. For example: there was the time we drove with a giant piece of lumber stretched diagonally from the back left corner to the passenger side dashboard, and the time we had the two ten-foot copper pipes sticking out the open passenger window and resting on the side-view mirror for the ride home.

But it's the latest trip that in my opinion, takes the cake.

In case you too are a city-slicker and unfamiliar with such things, that's a bale of straw. And if you're wondering what in the hell we were thinking, buying an entire bale of straw, I really wish you would have been with us at Haye's Feed store when we made the decision to do so. You clearly think much more logically than we do.

The reason for the straw, of course, was that we had just harvested our onion patch and we had a lot of onions. One of the books we bought suggested storing your onions in the basement or cellar, layered with untreated wood chips in a box to discourage mold growth and in this way you can keep them for months until you're ready to eat them. We have a basement, and we had a box, but we didn't have any wood chips. Thankfully though, we have a feed store just a few blocks away.

This feed store is complete with all the essential components that you could hope for. There are bins of various types of bird seeds, sacks of animal food of all types, and even an old man that it wasn't clear was an employee, who was sitting on a stool doling out advice. His advice to us, was that we didn't need wood chips, we needed straw. And given that we didn't have any reason to doubt this wise old man, we said sure! Straw! A whole bale of straw? Indeed! A bale of straw sounds perfectly reasonable! Let's stuff it in the hatchback of our tiny car! Mind the baby in the back seat- he's new!

And now we know that a whole bale of straw will indeed fit in the back of a Honda Fit. 'Cause we were curious. And we also now know that a bale of straw contains A LOT of straw. Turned out that we needed about 1/30 of that bale. But now we have extra to spread over our garden beds. And for seasonal decor come Halloween and Thanksgiving. And for all those other things that you need straw for. We're prepared for that too. Thank goodness.