September 18, 2009

history repeats

Since the moment that Lincoln was pulled from the womb, people have asked us (and we have wondered) just who he looks like. We have consistently replied that we didn't really think that he looked like either of us, what with the reddish peach-fuzz hair and the still softly defined baby features.

But then I remembered the photo album* that my mother-in-law brought me a few months back and now it's all very clear.

I snapped this pic of Lincoln a couple of weeks ago.

And this one is of his daddy, at around four months.

I know! Right?

But wait. It gets better!

No, we didn't stage this photo. It's pure coincidence that the composition is so (eerily?) similar. And clearly, those genes are powerful. He's definitely his daddy's boy. Mystery solved.

*You might recall this little gem that I posted before.