September 21, 2009

keep 'em covered!

The nursing cover was another one of those baby-registry things that I presumed that I would be able to do without. I figured that I could always just leave the room, or wear outfits that made discreet nursing easy, or cover up with a blanket if I felt really exposed. Plus, once I pulled one out of the package to inspect it, I realized that there was no way that I would ever consider paying for something I could very easily make myself if I ever changed my mind about the usefulness of such a thing.

Well- I did change my mind, as I sat in the corner of a busy restaurant's outdoor patio at lunchtime, nursing Lincoln under cover of a flimsy receiving blanket that I carefully held with my teeth while adjusting him on my lap. It became all too clear that those silly squares of fabric with their essential little neck straps really might have a place in my life after all. So I made one!

One of the things I love about making things myself is that it gives me the opportunity to customize things and sometimes even improve upon the original design. So I did a couple of things to modify the basic cover idea to make it suit my needs a little better. I had a piece of the Heather Bailey fabric left over from Dizzle's mixer cover, and it seemed to be about the right size for the project, so I got to work.

First I added a strip of flannel receiving blanket to the bottom hem on the underside, both to provide a little weight to keep the cover in place while I'm using it, and also to work as a handy clean-up rag for any dribbles that might occur.

And since I really don't like how the neck straps of most of the major brand covers have a dangling strap that you pull to tighten it up, I used some hardware that I had purchased for the Cupcake Apron to make mine adjustable in a slightly different way.

I had some boning that I purchased for something or another along the way, so I added that to the neckline so I can peek down at Lincoln while he nurses. That's a feature that the commercial brands have that I might not have thought of, and I think it's kind of brilliant.

I haven't tried my cover out in public yet, but I imagine it will be much easier than my blanket-in-mouth method, and more stylish as well.