September 4, 2009

measuring our success in dimples and fat rolls

We got some surprising news at the midwife yesterday when we discovered that our little baby monkey is already tipping the scales at 11 lbs 15 oz! That's practically 12 pounds, folks. He only turned three weeks old on Tuesday, and already he's gained two pounds!

He's also already moved on to the 3-6 month clothing in our collection, a fact that his father is incredibly proud of. It's obviously a testament to our parenting ability that we have made such a big healthy boy!

Mostly this just means that the boy is absolutely insatiable. He continues to spend most of his waking hours (and some of his sleeping ones) firmly attached to my breasts. It makes getting things done a bit of a challenge, especially because he doesn't seem to like the sling, so nursing while wearing the baby, as the books suggest will make my life so much easier, isn't really possible at this point. Thankfully, since he'll no doubt be walking in a week or two, we won't have to worry about that for long!