September 9, 2009

sweater refashion

This refashion was one of the things I did during the last weeks of my pregnancy, but I wanted to wait until my giant belly had deflated a little bit before I took a photo of the finished product. The shrug style wasn't very flattering on a super pregnant belly!

I received this blue sweater along with the brown knit shirt and some other items from a friend a few months ago, with the blessing to use them in any manner I saw fit. Some of the items made their way into my maternity wardrobe as-is, and the rest went to my fabric stash or into a pile to be refashioned and worn once my shape reappeared.

The style was pretty basic to begin with, with a v-neck, wide ribbing at the sleeves and hemline, and a little bit of ruching at the shoulder.

To transform it, I used the simple and inspired technique described on Cut Out + Keep for a t-shirt shrug, which I saw first on Vively Online.

By just cutting the sweater up the middle and adding a channel for the twill-tape tie, I've got a brand new cover up that will be perfect for the transition into fall. I love this concept and it will probably be something that I will repeat, whether with a t-shirt as intended, or other simple shirts that need a transformation.

The ruching on this particular sweater, combined with the slightly too-large size of the original makes it a little bit baggy in the bust once all that fabric is gathered up, so I may go back and slim it up a bit now that things are returning to normal with my shape. Other than that- I love the result for such an easy project. I highly recommend trying this!