October 17, 2009

culinary nerdiness

Last night we fulfilled a dream that every good foodie has- we got to meet Alton Brown!

He was at Third Place Books promoting his new book Good Eats: The Early Years, and buying a copy of the book got us two tickets to the event.

He basically just took audience questions for an hour, and his responses were often funny and occasionally downright asshole-esque. He's a snarky guy, so I guess it's as you would expect.

The book signing after the Q&A was a whole big orchestrated event, with a letter assigned to each ticket that indicated when you were allowed to line up for your autograph. We purchased our tickets pretty late in the game, so we had 'N'. It was taking about twenty minutes per letter, so we figured that we were going to be hanging around for about two and a half hours to get our book signed. Lincoln was amazingly cooperative the entire time, napping occasionally in the Ergo and taking periodic breaks to snack. It was getting late though, and we knew that his good mood couldn't last much longer.

It was approaching the witching hour, and we were only up to the letter 'H' when an announcement was made over the loudspeaker. Alton was specifically requesting that a special group of fans get cuts in the signing line. Fortunately for us, that special group was anyone with a child under age seven! Yes! We knew that kid was going to come in handy for something eventually!

We said goodbye to our friends, who sadly did not have the requisite child in tow, and made our way to the line. After another twenty minutes we were finally there! Alton was standing right in front of us! (He seemed smaller in real life than I expected him to be, by the way.) I thanked him for giving the babies cuts, and then just stood there like an idiot while he did this:

That's a self-portrait, I can only assume, with the instructions "Mix Hard!" and his signature "AB". AWESOME! He signed our book too, but really, who cares? That's not nearly as cool as the mixer autograph.

Since then, I have perused through the book a bit, and it's pretty cool. It's basically the first six seasons of the show, with a mini chapter devoted to each episode. All the cool stuff that you learn on the show is represented, and all the recipes have been reworked and improved since they originally aired to ensure better results. It's going to be a great resource for us, as we're often turning to YouTube to watch the episodes before we attempt one of his recipes anyway.