October 27, 2009

mixer cover 2.0

I've gotten a couple of requests lately for a cover to fit the Kitchenaid Artisan mixer, which is a different model than the one I have. Thanks to a generous friend and neighbor, I was able to borrow one to work out the sizing. (It's a shorter mixer and the bowl has a handle on it.)

I initially thought I could just take the length off of the cover that I designed for the Professional model, but I wasn't happy with the way the handle jutted out when I did. In the end, it took me three modifications before I came up with proportions that I was happy with! I'm pleased with the results though, and now that I have the pattern set the production time should be much less.

This first model is for a co-worker of Gus, who sent me a photo of her kitchen and said that she kind of had a thing for roosters. I was pretty sure that although there is a plethora of country-themed rooster fabric in existence out in the world, that was not what she had in mind.

What I came up with is a simple khaki cover with red flat piping detail and a rooster applique on the pocket. I took a cue from Margo's suggestion about the skirt and added a split-corner detail like you might see on a tailored bed skirt. And like all of my covers, it's also fully lined so there are no raw edges exposed and it's interfaced so it's got a little bit of body. I love it, and I hope that its new owner does too!