October 21, 2009

my dress on a real baby!

I was recently contacted via Etsy by a sweet woman who wanted to buy a dress for her niece's upcoming birthday. Isabella was going to turn one, and she was having a ladybug-themed birthday party. (How cute is that, by the way?) Anyway, she saw my ladybug dress and asked if I would be willing to make it in a larger size for her niece in time for the party. Of course I said yes, and she was nice enough to send me a picture of the adorable birthday girl wearing my creation!

Since I've only made a couple of these oliver + s outfits, and they've been rather feminine, I haven't put them on my own child to see them in action lest Gus find out and choose to divorce me. So, that makes this the first one I have seen on a real human child! Doesn't she look great?

Posted here with her mama's permission, of course. Thank you!