October 15, 2009

one fish, two fish...

I think the thing that I hated most about pregnancy was the fact that I wasn't able to eat sushi for so long. It was the only thing I ever really got a craving for and I couldn't have it. Once Lincoln was born, getting that sushi fix was high on my list of things to do, but there aren't a lot of options in beautiful downtown Burien, sprawling metropolis though it is. I didn't want my first experience after so long away to come from the grocery store, for obvious reasons, or the mall.

Mashiko has been my hands-down favorite for sushi in the area, and now that they've gone sustainable, there's even more reason to love them. Unfortunately, hubs doesn't really share my affinity for sushi, but he'll eat it occasionally. I was pretty excited tonight when he announced that he was having a rare craving for raw fish and suggested that we stop at Mashiko on the way home from work.

Monkey was asleep in his carseat, and since he'd gotten his two-month vaccinations this afternoon, he was pretty drowsy. We thought we might as well take advantage of the opportunity to have a nice meal out and we were shown to a corner table by the hostess. Lincoln started fussing the minute that we sat down, so I got to use my fancy nursing cover to give him a snack while we decided what to order. Usually getting a bite to eat will calm and quiet the little monster right away, but he must have sensed that I was really looking forward to my meal because tonight the crying only escalated.

I took him outside after we ordered because we really never want to be "that couple." You know the ones- they force the other innocent patrons at a restaurant to suffer through their child's crying while thinking that offering an apologetic smile makes it okay. Sure, having a screaming child of my own has made me more sympathetic to those people, but it still doesn't make me want to be one of them.

We spent some time pacing around the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, but it seemed that Lincoln was hell-bent on screaming for the foreseeable future. I suggested that we just get our order to go, and headed to the car where I could try to comfort my little monster without feeling the burn of the public's judgmental eye all over us. Gus returned to the table to wait for our order, and brought the brown paper bag full of goodness out to the car a few minutes later.

Lincoln continued to cry for about half of the twenty minute drive home, while I sat in the back seat with him and tried to comfort him. We're pretty sure that the fussiness is due to the discomfort he's feeling from the three mean vaccine pokes that he got earlier- two in one thigh and one in the other. We were sore last week when we got our flu shots, and I imagine it must be worse to be a baby and get three times as many shots in a much smaller region.

Once we were home and had gotten the monkey changed and resettled, we sat down to enjoy our much-anticipated treat. I opened the bag, pulled out the box, and discovered that they had only given us half of our order! Worst. Moment. Ever. My poor hungry husband had to go all the way back to the restaurant to get our forgotten fish. They were intensely apologetic, and even reversed part of the charges for our meal, which was really sweet considering that it wasn't inexpensive to begin with.

So no, it wasn't quite the experience that we'd been hoping for when we made our dinner plans tonight, but that's life now, right? Even things that seem relatively simple, like eating, have gotten much more complex since the arrival of our little bundle. We definitely wouldn't have it any other way though, and I wouldn't trade him in even for all the sashimi I could eat.