October 1, 2009

Road Trip... Addition

I just wanted to pipe in here for a minute with a few minor details. Lulu forgot to say the friends we're visiting are scheduled to have their first child in a about a month. On top of that they've been spending all their free time doing fairly major construction converting an out building into a guest house. This has included the 7 month pregnant wife burying utility lines. That's right. here's a math formula to illustrate this scenario

8 month pregnent lady + major construction = Exhausted lady who isn't getting much sleep

These ain't no sissy folks, but I don't know it they're ready for the little sleep they've been getting to be disrupted but our suddenly slightly more fussy baby boy.

Exhausted lady who isn't getting much sleep + fussy baby screaming in your ear = X

Solve for X

I know they're looking forward to seeing us, and I can't wait to get my farmhand on, but I think Lulu's right and we've possibly made another series of unwise decisions here.