October 12, 2009

two months!

Dear Lincoln:

Yesterday you were two months old and I can hardly believe it. The time has gone by so quickly! You are more of a little boy and less of an infant every day. I'm not talking just about your size, (although you are huge!) but about your personality and interactions too. Your smiles and the chattering conversations you'll have with anyone who'll listen are a delight to watch. Midwife Heather said she expected you to start speaking in full sentences by the midway point of our appointment last week!

Your communication skills have changed even in the last day or two, since you've been testing the effectiveness of a new cry on us. You debuted it at around six am on Saturday morning and I have to admit, even at that early hour I laughed a little. It's a high-pitched, squeal-y little number that is so obviously fake- it's really hard not to chuckle at it. You've been experimenting with that every morning since, as well as with a few other variations on the fake-out cry that appear to be your way of asking us to pay attention to you or pick you up when we're being less than attentive.

Thankfully, the last week has also brought about a change in your attitude toward being worn in a few of the carriers that we've amassed. Suddenly and inexplicably, being carried in the Ergo or wrapped up in the woven wrap on my chest no longer brings endless wails of upset. Instead, you're happy to look around interestedly while I describe all the wonders around you, or more often, you curl up and rest your head for a nap. It makes things much easier when we can operate hands-free like that, so I'm so glad that you've grown to appreciate being worn.

You're such a strong little guy too! You've been holding your head up for a while now and no one can ever believe it when we say that you're just eight weeks old. Granted, you were kind of born looking like a three-month old, but we've already broken out the six-month clothes because you seem to be expanding exponentially in every direction. I get a great workout carrying you around everywhere, but you no longer fit across my body for our middle-of-the-night nursing sessions. Your head rests on my arm as it always has, but your feet are now suspended in the air a few inches beyond land. You don't seem to mind, but we'll have to redesign our layout before too long or you'll be kicking Daddy in the belly with your wayward limbs.

And speaking of sleep, I don't know how we got so lucky, but you are just such a great sleeper. We haven't had much trouble at all, and even with all the changes of sleeping appliances and locations we've tried, you just sleep on. We tried the cocoon thing for a week or so, moved the swing to our room for a week after that, and now we're back to the original set up with the regular bedside cosleeper. You'll even let me return you to your own bed for short stretches of time between feedings now, so I get my own opportunity to stretch out and snooze too. I still tend to fall asleep many nights before I get a chance to relocate you, but that's my fault, not yours!

You've also made it crystal clear that sleep is something that's very important to you. Missing a nap is one of the only things that is sure to turn you into a real bear and set you off on hour-long crying sessions. We've learned that we need to act quickly when you start to show signs of being sleepy, because if we miss your window and you move into overtired we're in for trouble. The miracle blankets have been an absolute necessity in that regard, as nothing seems to chill you out better and faster than being swaddled does.

Despite how it sounds, we're not always asleep though. During our waking hours we spend our time trying to expose you to the world. We read books to you and sing you made up songs in our awful voices. You can't complain yet, but I fully expect that as soon as you can talk you're going to ask us to please, just shut up! We discovered early on that we can't remember many of the words to the nursery rhymes we grew up with, so we just improvise (badly). I like to think that we're teaching you creativity and freedom of expression.

I was surprised to find that being your mom is something that has come really naturally for me, and it feels so good to be comfortable parenting. Even though I grew up in a home daycare, (or maybe because of it) before you were born I had never even changed a diaper. I was worried that I wouldn't know how to do this mommy thing, but my fears disappeared the moment I saw you. And watching your Daddy with you is amazing. He's a wonderful father and he loves you so much! Already in your short life you've made both of us more sensitive, more loving, more careful drivers, and we're so grateful to be your parents! We're beyond excited to keep watching you learn and grow. We love you so much!