October 26, 2009

update on the job front

It's been almost three weeks since I interviewed for the job that I talked about before. I was thinking that they must have hired someone, because it had been so long and I hadn't heard anything, but I was surprised because I thought that they would have at least called to let me know.

Well, on Friday morning I finally got a call, which I missed because I'm sure I was changing a diaper or feeding Lincoln or starting a load of laundry or something. It was the lovely woman that I had interviewed with, offering me a second interview for the position. Of course I was pleased, because that meant that I had been correct in my assessment that the interview had gone well and that I was a good fit for the job; but I was also kind of upset because that meant that I was going to have to make a decision! I hate that!

I put off the call on Friday so I could give myself the weekend to think about it and talk it over with Gus, but in the end I think that I've known all along what I would do. I called this morning and thanked them for the opportunity to meet with them, and told them that I really thought that a position in their company was something that I would really enjoy and excel at. They said that they agreed, and that was why they would like me to come in and speak with them more. I said that I would love to come, but I was afraid that it just wasn't the right time for me. Lincoln is only going to be this small particular age and size once, and I just don't want to miss a thing.

Maybe in a few months things will be different, and at that point it might be the right thing for me to be working back out in the real world. For now though, I'm pretty sure I'm right where I belong. And if this big smile is any indication, I think that Lincoln might agree.