November 16, 2009

I'm a little behind.

Lincoln was three months old on the 11th, which means we're now officially out of the newborn phase and on to infancy (according to whoever it is that decides such things). I figure that also means we've got about two minutes before he starts running around and causing a ruckus.

Three months, people! Where has the time gone? I swear each week goes by faster and faster. I think partly because I'm not working outside of the house, I've reverted to this primitive(?) method of telling the day of the week by what's on tv*. That means that last night we just saw poor Chef Mullen be informed that he will not be the next Iron Chef, but wasn't it yesterday that Chef Freitag was given the same news? And how could it be that there's a new episode of How I Met Your Mother on tonight? We were just introduced to fat Barney like five seconds ago! Yeah, time flies. And if you think it's messing with my mind for my tv shows, try throwing an actual growing and changing and learning HUMAN in to the mix! My brain just can't process it all fast enough.

And thanks to the magic of the internet, I've been getting lots of requests for custom sewing projects! I'm currently working on two mixer covers, a sewing machine cover, and an apron. And I just got a message about another matching set for a mixer and toaster too. All this in between feeding and napping and cleaning the abode and trying to keep the house full of sensible food choices and then maybe even cook that stuff once in a while, it's keeping me on my toes. I never would have predicted that the days of a stay-at-home Mom would be so busy at this early stage. I can't imagine how it will be once he's mobile!

One way that I've been keeping on top of things is by using Toodledoo** and the accompanying app on my iPhone. I'm a total list person, and also kind of a control freak, but with Lincoln's arrival and the baby-brain that has replaced my own functioning brain for the last few months, I've had a hard time keeping my ducks in a row. It's amazing how easy it is to just spend an entire day sitting on the couch with a newborn, and before you know it, it's been a month since you've deep cleaned the buttons on the dishwasher or vacuumed out the dryer vent... or you know, whatever your particular brand of obsessive neat freak likes to do. Now my little electronic brain tells me every day what I'm supposed to be doing, and I get the satisfaction of checking off a virtual list of things once they're done. And now that Lincoln will happily hang out in the carrier all day, it's much easier to quickly sweep the kitchen floor when it comes up on my list and then just check it off until the next time it auto-repeats. Thanks to Apple and computer geeks everywhere, I pretty much don't have to think at all anymore! I just do what the little man in my phone tells me to.

Before long, I'll be scheduling in writing sessions so I can continue to update the world at large on Lincoln's life and development. As it is now, I've been spending every free minute sewing, and it's been forever since I've dropped in here to say hello. Gosh, has it been since Top Chef***, already? Point is, I'm a little behind. So update:

  • Lincoln is HUGE. And smart and active. And adorable.
  • PEPS is good! Lots of nice people with lots of different ideas about raising a baby. That's good, and also a little bit bad. That's a subject of another post though- more on that later.
  • We've started an infant massage class, which is great! It will be a really nice way to connect with Lincoln and hopefully a nice thing to add to our bedtime routine, which is currently in development.
  • My etsy shop, twilltape, is keeping me busy! Yeah! There's a chance that I may be able to contribute to this family's bottom line after all. Or maybe it will just give me the excuse to keep stockpiling fabric. Hard to say which, exactly.
  • It's almost Thanksgiving! And then Christmas! Holy crap.

*I'm sure that's how my cavewoman ancestors did it.

**No, this is not a paid plug for Toodledoo. I just think it's cool. You don't have to check it out, and if you're not a list-lover, you probably won't care anyway.

***That's Wednesday, in case you aren't using the same calendar.