November 10, 2009

stealthy, like ninja!

So, not only has the little guy found his hands and figured out how to put them to good use in the last week, but he's also starting to work on rolling over. Just a little bit, here and there, and just from his back to the side, but it's bound to happen all of a sudden when I'm not paying attention.

Like just a minute ago, for example...

Thank goodness he woke me up before I was really ready to get out of bed, and I parked myself next to his movement mat with a pillow to try to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep. And thank goodness I'm lazy, and never moved the pillow from my impromptu resting spot, because it was there to catch the little sneak when he rolled over (and off) the mat just now!

I was standing there tying on the Moby wrap, and I laid him down on the mat with a toy to grab onto, and the next thing I know he's lying on his belly on the pillow! I contemplated running to grab the camera to capture concrete evidence of the moment, but he looked a little bit freaked out by his new positioning, so I just flipped him back over and told him what a great job he did. Of course, then I went and got the camera and requested a repeat performance, but nothing doing. His hands are way too interesting to be bothered with that whole rolling business right now.

Just wait until I turn my back again...