November 2, 2009

tastes like fall!

Fall is definitely my favorite season, hands down. There's just something about new school supplies, crunchy leaves, football, fuzzy sweaters and scarves, and delicious fall veggies that I find so comforting. When I saw the big pile of winter squash in the market the other day it looked so much like fall that I picked a couple up, even though I seemed to remember that Gus wasn't such a big fan.

I started out with a simple roasted acorn squash a few nights ago. I just cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, drizzled on some olive oil and sprinkled on some salt and pepper and popped it in the oven cut side down in a baking dish for about an hour at 375. It was tender and delicious and even husband-approved. I think the reason he claimed not to like squash was that he had never had it without brown sugar, and he doesn't like sweet interfering with his savory. Even pineapple on pizza is a no-no for this guy. Just simply roasted and seasoned, he admitted it was quite tasty. Yeah!

So, with one squash success under my belt, I decided to try a more advanced application for dinner tonight: butternut squash soup. The recipe is another really simple one, and really highlights the buttery sweet goodness of the squash. Just cut it in half and scoop out the seeds, place it cut side down in a baking dish and let it roast for about an hour at 375. No oil, salt or pepper this time though, just the squash. When the squash is just about done, heat a large pot or dutch oven and saute an onion in some butter. Once the squash is tender, scoop it out of the shell and add it to the pot along with four cups of chicken broth. Use a stick blender or a regular blender to break everything down and mix it all together, then let it simmer for a little bit while you finish the rest of dinner, set the table, feed your baby, or what ever. Taste for seasoning- I just added a little cayenne pepper for kick, no salt or pepper was needed, and serve it up! Delicious and nutritious, and a lovely shade of orange too!

Any favorite fall vegetable recipes you'd like to share?