November 6, 2009

they're out there somewhere!

Well, operation Friends With Kids is officially underway! We attended our first PEPS group meeting yesterday at the home of one of the other members. PEPS is the Program for Early Parenting Support, and it's a series of twelve weekly meetings with a group of parents in your area with babies all born around the same time. Our group consists of eight couples with babies born between August 10 and September 2. And yep, it turns out that regular three-month old babies aren't usually this big! Guess the doctor was right...

Lincoln helped us to make a good impression on our future play-date companions by entering the house screaming, and picking the scream back up at convenient intervals throughout the course of the evening. All the other little babes were peacefully sleeping in their infant seats or draped across their mothers' laps, but not our little force of nature! He was only content when one of us was standing up with him facing the crowd, so he could see every little thing that was going on. He finally passed out about five minutes before we left, but woke up again as soon as we set foot outside.

I'm pretty excited to see how this whole thing goes. We're not incredibly social people as it is, and for whatever reason, our friends just aren't getting in on the baby game. That is, except for these guys, who just had a beautiful new daughter, but they live a little bit outside of our play-date range, as we discovered a few weeks ago. I think it will be nice to be able to commiserate with some other folks who are in the same boat that we are, even if it's just once a week for a while and then we never see them again. Everyone says that they continue to meet with their PEPS groups for long after the twelve weeks is over though, so there's always the chance that we'll make some new actual friends out of this experience.