December 18, 2009

Christmas Care Package!

A few years ago, my older brother and his family moved to South Carolina so my brother could take a promotion at work. While I still haven't been to visit, I do try to let them know I'm thinking about them by sending a family care package at Christmas time. This year was no exception, although it was a bit more homemade this year than usual, thanks to the economic state of affairs around these parts!

Of course, the most important part of the package are my nephews, Avery and Colby- age 12 and 16. I usually have a really hard time shopping for them, since tween/teen trends come and go so fast, and I never know what games they're currently into or what movies are cool without being too grown up or too kiddie. This year I just opted for cash, tucked inside of a duct tape wallet. I think they're pretty neat, and kids are into weird stuff like that, right? And the cash, obviously, is so they can buy something that they do like in case I'm completely out of touch and my idea of a cool gift actually sucks.

I made my sister-in-law, who has a Christmas birthday, a moebius cowl from a pattern in the Winter 2008 issue of Stitch. It's charcoal velvet on one side and silver satin on the other, and I foolishly neglected to take a picture before I sent it. She's a fair-skinned blonde- I think the cool tones will look beautiful on her.

I also included a big Mason jar of delicious caramel corn tied up with a festive bow and a handmade tree ornament; and a tin of chocolate-peanut butter fudge.

And I did spend some extra time dolling up the packaging to make my little homespun gifts feel a bit more special. I've saved neat little boxes and packages from various things, and my stash of scrapbook papers is growing. I used some of the Christmas papers and my Quickutz Squeeze die-cutter to make personalized packages and tags for each gift. I think they came out really cute!