December 2, 2009

a dramatic pair and more!

Here's a custom set that has been in the works for a while, and was finally delivered today. Hopefully the recipient is a happy gal!

The apron was inspired by a child's style by Cindy Taylor Oates in her "Little Retro Aprons for Kids". The purchaser sent me a picture of one of the aprons on the cover (view A-2) and said she liked the pleats but wanted a big pocket and wide ties. I did my best to recreate the vision, and luckily, she was pleased with the result!

Her matching mixer cover is the second attempt. I played it a little safe the first time, not wanting to freak her out with the crazy silver paisley that I scavenged from a thrifted women's blouse. Turned out she wanted more silver and two pockets, so I used what was left of the material and came up with the version above. Initially I wasn't sure how the pockets would look with the bold silver print, but I really like the result! There may be more mixed-pattern pocketing happening on future covers!

This last one is the one I mentioned before. I had the pieces cut for awhile, and finally got enough time to stitch it all together a few days ago. Then I eventually got it photographed a couple days later and posted in my shop last night. I would tell you to go there and buy it, but it's already packed up and on the way to Tennessee in tomorrow's mail! Gotta hurry up and get my stitch on so I can get the shop stocked up for Christmas!

Two more covers have been ordered and are in the works for the rest of this week- so more to come soon!