December 8, 2009

face lift & unrelated things

If you actually visit the blog instead of reading through a feed reader, you may have noticed that our digs have recently been updated with a stylin' new masthead and fancy new wallpaper. I figured a year was long enough for the pink and blue pacifiers, which were obviously selected before we knew that Lincoln was going to be a Lincoln and not a girl-baby. The new elements were designed by my talented graphic designer husband otherwise known as the "Gus" of Gus & Lulu.

Which brings me to thing two, and that is the fact that just about everyone knows by now that we are not really called Gus & Lulu in real life. Well, Gus is, but it's not his actual name, and depending on the day he may or may not admit that he kind of hates the nickname...

You may recall that back when I started writing this blog, my alter ego (lets just call her Tiffany) was just barely pregnant and had recently been laid off. Tiffany was looking for work, but wasn't sure if and when to reveal the existence of the tiny human growing in her belly to her future employers. Given the ease with which one can learn way too much about a person on the internets these days, I decided I had to blog in secret under a pseudonym, lest poor Tiffany's potential boss Google her and discover the baby before the time was right. Thus, Lulu was born. A clever shortening of my pre-marriage surname: Louis. Also, I thought it sounded cute with Gus, like some cute old couple sitting on a front porch drinking ice tea in rocking chairs or something.

So anyway, long story longer, Gus and Lulu are really David and Tiffany James. I know that most everyone already knew that, but I'm getting tired of typing "David" and then erasing it and replacing it with "Gus" in an effort to maintain an illusion that no longer requires maintenance. So for future reference, if I say "David" I mean my husband: "Gus"; and if I say "Gus", that's him too. Capisce?

Okay, moving along. There is a fair bit of craftiness happening in the James household right now, but, given the season, much of it must be kept under wraps until after Santa makes his appearance in a few weeks. If it's not secret, I'll be sharing it, but if it is, you're just going to have to wait and trust that I'm not idly sitting around twiddling my thumbs all day. Really, the only person who I'm absolutely positive would never see the blog and ruin their Christmas surprise is my Mom, because she not only doesn't own a computer, she couldn't turn one on should the fate of the world depend on it. In fact, probably less so then, because the pressure of it all would make her sick and she would probably vomit on the computer and short something out. No exaggeration there, in either case. To give you an idea of her technical savvy: she actually suggested that I try playing some nice music in my TAPE DECK in the car to help Lincoln calm down. And yeah, that was yesterday, not 1991. You can just trust me on the sensitive stomach details.

Anyway- craftiness is afoot. A couple of new covers are in progress and I'm making a new Christmas tree skirt and stockings for us, too. Plus the aforementioned top-secret stuff. Fun!

In other news, the bill from the midwives arrived yesterday. Three hundred dollars. For everything. My entire pregnancy care, labor, post-birth home visits, everything. I never paid a cent when I went into the office, and three women spent the night at our house to help us labor with Lincoln! It's no Amsterdam, but it's sure an improvement over the big stupid bill that UW sent us!

Mostly unrelated: David's birthday is next week, his truck is broken down, our fence blew over in a recent windstorm, and our Christmas tree is still sitting unadorned in our living room! Ahh, new parenthood! There's just an abundance of time for all the things that need taking care of. And money too! But- Lincoln is discovering his feet and is thisclose to rolling over, and at the end of the day, that's really the only thing that matters.