January 14, 2010

can you help?

Hi friends! Need a little assistance here.

I have a customer from Etsy who has requested a snazzy reversible mixer cover for her sweet pink KitchenAid. She's selected the fabrics that will be the main pieces for both sides, and we've narrowed down the trim to two choices. I like both options- she likes both options. We're looking for some more input!

The year-round side of the cover features an Alexander Henry print called Le Coq de Granville. It's on a neutral background with the rooster silhouette printed in varying tones of greens and pinks and reds. The reverse side is a holiday print, also by Alexander Henry, called Angel Cakes. It's awesome! It features angels building a ginger bread house, frosting cookies, and generally making Christmas magic on a limey green background. The same pinks, reds, and greens are present on each side, so the trim will coordinate with both.

Below are the mock-ups I sent over to help her decide (template created by the handsome and talented Gus, of course). Keep in mind that these are photoshopped renderings of the fabrics from web images. They're not exactly to scale, and the colors and designs may not be perfectly represented. It does, however, give us an idea of what the finished product might look like.

For this option, the trim is a pale pink polka dot print, with darker pink and maroon dots. I like the subtle pattern, which doesn't compete with the roosters for attention, and matches the colors nicely.

On the Christmas side, the polka dots bring to mind frosting with sprinkles or something- and again, the colors and pattern complement without overwhelming.

The other option is a busier pattern, but it works so well with the other prints that I love it just as much. It's another Alexander Henry print from the same Granville line, so the colors are perfect. I like the way the curvaceous shapes echo the shape of the fan tail of the rooster on the year-round side.

On the Christmas side, the pattern makes me think of a candy tile roof like you might see on a gingerbread house. There are none present in this particular fabric, but the idea is there, and I think it works! This print is busier, for sure, but it's such a great complement to these fabrics that I think it's also a really great choice for the trim.

SOOO, bloggity friends, what do you think? Feel free to click through on the photos to get a bigger view in Flickr, if that will help you decide. Post your opinions here in the comments and I'll pass your wisdom along.

Thanks for your help!