January 4, 2010

It's a mother-daughter thing

With all the holiday craziness, I neglected to show you a couple of the most recent orders from my shop. You may recall when I made the cute Red Riding Hood mixer cover for Stacey a few weeks back, around the same time that I made Desiree her sewing machine cover. Well, both ladies were sufficiently pleased with their purchases, enough so that they each ordered a Christmas gift for their moms from me too!

Desiree's mama is a crafty seamstress just like her daughter, and she actually sews for the clothing line that Desiree designs called Palm Tree Princess. So, for mom, a custom sewing machine cover just like the one for Desiree (they have the same machine), but in colors that Desiree thought her mom would enjoy.

The fabric is from Tanya Whelan's Darla collection. The main print is called Darla Rose in butter, and the accent is Ticking in green. A very old fashioned influence, but modern and clean in the execution. I like it!

And then a couple days later, when Stacey inquired about a cover for her mom's mixer, she asked a very intriguing question: Is there any way I could make it reversible?

I thought about the construction and decided, nope, there's no reason I can't! So for Stacey's mom, the very first fully reversible twill tape KitchenAid mixer cover!

The main side, which will be on display most of the year, is Alexander Henry's Starling fabric in natural. Super cute.

The reverse, special for the holiday season, is the funky Michael Miller Yule Critters in lime. How fun is this? Clearly, that whimsical flair runs in the family!

Because the ruffle is visible from both sides, it was important to choose two fabrics that would play together nicely with the same trim. I think the Robert Kaufman red polka dot print that I chose fits the bill. Both ladies have since let me know that their mothers were happy with their gifts, so I'm thrilled!

Thanks for the repeat business! It means a lot. And the reversible cover has inspired a few more shoppers since. Two of the three orders I have pending currently are for reversible styles. I love it!