January 12, 2010


And just like that, they're here! We went from the little nubs we could just see through the gums in this picture, to fully realized teeth in just a matter of a day. These little buds are officially erupted, and they are sharp!

Lincoln slept a little bit better the next couple nights after they broke through, but it's still kind of sketchy. I guess the worst is over, but I imagine it's still going to cause him some discomfort for a while.

And because I was dying to try out the Babycook, I steamed and pureed an apple yesterday for Monkey to try. Lincoln was less than impressed!

The look on his face was actually pretty hilarious, because he was initially really excited to be seeing food again, and leaned in like he did last time, expecting something wonderful. Once the bite was in though, he closed his eyes and kind of shook his head like he couldn't believe what he was tasting. It was awesome, so naturally, I got out the camera and filmed his reaction as I continued to torture him.

You're welcome!