February 11, 2010

halfway through!

Halfway through the first year, that is! Lincoln is six months old today. I know I keep saying this, but it has just gone by so quickly, I can't stand it.

Our little bug has two tiny teeth, a full head of reddish hair, and he's so tall he looks much older than his six months.

He's full of giggles and smiles and is rolling all around. He's pushing up on his hands when he's on his belly, and scoots around in circles and travels short distances by wriggling and squirming his legs and arms.

Everything you hand him is destined for his mouth, whether it's meant for eating or not. And he does like to eat a few different things, including bananas, carrots, peas, sweet potato, and rice cereal. He blows bubbles and makes groaning noises and chatters to himself and anyone who will listen.

He can sit up unassisted for a little while, which is fun because it makes it even easier to get things into his mouth.

He sleeps in his very own room at night now, from seven p.m. until seven a.m. most nights, awakening just once (or sometimes twice) for a quick snack of momma's milk. Unfortunately, he's also pretty much abandoned his daily nap schedule, so the battle for sleep rages on, albeit on a new front.

He's so curious and interested in the world, and he excitedly reaches out to touch the faces of the other babies at the playgroup we attend most Wednesday afternoons. He laughs and grabs at the puppet that sings the hello song.

He recognizes the sign for milk, and will turn anxiously toward me with an open mouth when I sign it while he sits on my lap.

He's the most amazing little human I've ever had the pleasure to meet. He pulls my hair and grabs my glasses right off my face, but then he gives me a great big sloppy open-mouthed kiss right on my cheek, and I forgive him immediately.

I love you Lincoln! Thanks for letting me be your mommy. It's been an amazing adventure so far!