February 1, 2010

still here!

Wow, it's been forever since I've stopped by here to say hello. Anyone still here?

Hi! I've missed you!

Things have been great, and a bit busy. Now that we're (sometimes) getting a little bit more sleep than we were, it seems like we've had a lot more initiative to get out of the house and go have adventures during the day. The weather probably helps a bit too.

In the last couple of weeks we've done a lot! We took a walk to the fancy new library, went for a walk on Seahurst Beach, went to the Baby Play play group at FamilyWorks, tried to go to the play group again but it was cancelled, went for a walk at Lincoln Park with a new friend from PEPS, met a wonderful old friend for lunch and shopping at U Village, met my sister for lunch at Bellevue Square, toured Three Tree Montessori, and saw ALL of our grandparents! It's been lots of fun.

See, look how much fun we're having:

We also had a lovely woman from Safety for Toddlers come out and give us a whole-house baby-proofing consultation, since Lincoln's rolling all over and crawling is probably just a few short weeks away.

It was a little bit overwhelming, but we got a ton of really great suggestions and she pointed out some things that we never would have considered. We learned that there is a baby-proofing gadget for everything, and now we just have to decide what is really valuable and necessary.

We added some cool new book shelves to Lincoln's room based on an idea that Gus saw on ohdeedoh:

It's just a couple of Ribba picture ledges from Ikea. It's perfect for kiddos who can't read, because then they can choose books by looking at the cover. Plus, it's a super cute addition to his room. Love it!

Also, thanks for your feedback on the trim for the last mixer cover! She chose the polka dots, as that was the hands-down winner, and she totally loves the result!

More to come! Be back soon!