February 16, 2010

stuff & things

Lincoln is sitting up by himself pretty well now. It amazes me how quickly babies learn new things! We really only started focusing our attention on sitting last week, making sure that he practiced for a while each day sitting in between our legs or with us holding him steady. Within a couple of days he was so much more stable, and yesterday I was able to walk away and get the camera and when I came back he was still sitting there smiling at me! He still face plants occasionally, but he just rolls over and keeps playing!


Mom brought over three more bins of special treasures that she has hoarded away saved for me over the years. Inside were a few actual treasures (photos of me as a baby, a newspaper article documenting my five minutes of fame in fifth grade, some special notes from mom's baby shower) and a WHOLE lot of garbage. Least questionable but still doomed for recycling were every single one of my progress reports and report cards from preschool through senior year in high school, and EVERY certificate or award I've ever gotten. There were pages commending my participation in Jump Rope for Heart and D.A.R.E. in elementary school, student of the month and thank-you-for-being-a-library-volunteer certificates, FBLA awards and ribbons, and much, much more. And as I said, those were the least questionable items.

Now that we have Lincoln, it's easier for me to understand that desire to document your child's successes and keep that kind of stuff for posterity's sake, but seriously. Some of these papers have been stored for 30 years! Not coincidentally, I'm currently reading It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh, the guy from TLC's Clean Sweep. In it he talks about this kind of sentimental clutter in a way that I think makes a lot of sense:
If something is important, give it a place of importance. Find a way to respect and display that memory. If you're not treating it with honor and respect and you can't find a way to do so, then get rid of it.
Just having all those documents stored away in boxes in the closet wasn't doing anything to honor the memory of the achievements, nor does throwing them away make the memories disappear or belittle my successes. In all honesty, that stuff was just a fire hazard! It was time for it to go. I saved a few little tidbits that I found actually meaningful and that held sentimental value, and I'll scrapbook them or put them in an album so I can actually enjoy the memories. And I've made a promise to myself that if in a six months, they're still in a box just waiting to be scrapbooked, those things will go out the door with the rest.


In other news, Lincoln's sleep schedule seems to have regulated a bit more, and naps are going a little better than they a couple weeks ago. It really is just so much a matter of being consistent. Consistent in timing, in ritual, and in attitude. A month ago, I couldn't get him to sleep alone in his crib for a nap no matter what I did and I was going insane. Times have changed though, and now he'll usually sleep for an hour or sometimes two without much trouble at all. Of course, since I typed that, he woke up screaming after just 25 minutes and wouldn't settle back down. It's still kind of a crap shoot, I guess!


I've been making granola with this recipe for the last couple months, and it is so good! I've been using a mixture of slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts because that's what I had on hand, and adding dried cranberries. Today I had some leftover Cranberry Cove mix (from shopping PCC's bulk bins when I was hungry) that included apples, pumpkin seeds, papaya, cashews, and some other yummy goodies, so I threw that in. It's delicious! We like it over Trader Joe's Greek style apricot mango yogurt, but it's also good for just snacking on.

And speaking of food, I'm trying to get better about meal planning and grocery shopping, since that's pretty much my least favorite thing in the world. Ideally, I would have an idea of the things we're going to have for dinner for the whole week, and then I can just go to the grocery store once and get everything we need. Instead, we end up stopping at the store for one meal worth of groceries on the way home from work, or I rummage through the freezer and pantry and make a concoction of whatever's already here. You would think that this would be one of those things that I would enjoy, along with all the other weird organizational things I obsess over, but no. Any good suggestions for this headache?