March 31, 2010

work's in progress

No, that's not a typo. Work, for me, is officially now in progress. And it turns out it's just one more ball perpetually in the air for this juggling mama.

I mentioned before that I'm doing some work from home for Pearson. They're a company that processes student assessments, and they hire people like me to score test responses remotely. I'm currently working on fifth grade writing, so I'm becoming quite familiar with the excitement of gymnastics and playing basketball and baseball, and the ins and outs of various video game consoles. Reading and scoring these short responses takes much more time and focus than one would perhaps think, and it's been a challenge the last week to squeeze in this new responsibility on top of all the rest. Adding to the challenge is the time constraint presented by the Pearson system itself, which I can't access after 11 pm Central time- only 9 pm where I live. So, a few minutes during nap time and an hour or so after the monkey is in bed are all the moments that I really have to devote to my new job. And that's fine, but it's not going to be paying the rent any time soon.

Lincoln is adding to the chaos by becoming more mobile all the time. He's almost figured out crawling, but hasn't quite got the coordination to get very far in one go. It's a combination of rolling, army crawling, wriggling, and some hands-and-knees work that gets him moving at this point. And on Saturday he figured out how to push himself up from his belly to a sitting position. Exciting developments!

He's also working on cutting his sixth tooth, and he's using all those chompers to eat anything he can get his mouth around. In addition to his regular cereal and pureed fruits and veggies, he's started eating more things from our plates, like bites of fish, chicken, and tofu, noodles, and pieces of bread and cheese. He will seemingly eat anything you put in his mouth. And he's starting to be able to get things in to his own mouth as well, although the pincher grip still needs a little work.

I'm managing to squeeze in a bit of sewing and creating in the in-betweens, and I'll have some things to share soon. Some is the product of necessity (laminated cotton bibs and a floorcloth for my messy boy), and some by request (a doll for mom's school auction). I have big plans to participate in Spring Top Week again as well, but we'll see how that goes. I'll have more info on the bib and floorcloth in the form of a pattern and tutorial in the near future, but for now I'll leave you with a shot of the cute little doll I've been working on.

She's from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern Kit, Chloe & Louise that I purchased at Christmas time but never managed to get to. I have two more cut out, but she's the farthest along. And she'll be dressed soon, promise!