April 5, 2010

and not even terribly fun while it lasted.

So, that was quick. I'm back to being just a mama with no (official) job title. At least for the next couple of weeks.

My tenure with Pearson came to an abrupt end when I failed to maintain the standards of excellence set forth by the state that I was scoring. This might be attributed to a glitch in the performance review tracker, which was malfunctioning that day, or, more likely, was due purely to my inattention to the task at hand.

I'm kind of embarrassed, as I'm not the kind of person who typically allows herself to fail at anything, and I've certainly never been fired from a job; but honestly, I'm mostly just relieved. It was much harder than I had imagined trying to squeeze enough quiet, focused time out of my day to make that job happen successfully. I was scrambling trying to figure out how I was going to manage to work the measly minimum requirement of 20 weekly hours when I was "excused" from the project and suddenly that burden was lifted. Whew. I hadn't even realized how heavy it was until it was gone!

And luckily, the folks at Pearson are a forgiving bunch. Just because scoring this project didn't work out for me, that doesn't mean that I can't work on future assessments. In fact, I'm signed up for another one that starts next month. And that project has shorter responses that should be easier to score with my limited resources as a spread-too-thin mama. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll be unceremoniously fired from that project after a week also. I guess we'll find out in a bit...